I am delighted to introduce two dear friends to the community page this year. Eileen Rose from Illuminated Rose Inc., and Jesse Berger from Realize Culture.

Eileen and Jesse are both visionary artists who have been incredibly active in spreading their visions through workshops and printed publications. Their efforts have been immense, so please take the time and visit them at their websites!

At my store i have added a new large print for purchase of my painting “She Owl”! The prints are 20″x 24″ semi-gloss and are high quality reproductions of the original.

Endless updating has been taking place in my online galleries, as new works are being added and paintings are replacing ink and graphite drawings to help add even more color to my site!

I will be attending the Visionary Painting Intensive this summer at cosm, from Sunday, August 5th, thru Saturday, August 11th. Come out and support The Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors and spend time with a great group of visionary painters!

Would also like to extend a thanks to everybody that came out to support my open house studio party. It was a great success, and added a warm vibration that is still ringing through the walls and my heart.

Ken Z